Widest selection of party buses, limos, & more!

Here you will find among the most varied selection of luxury vehicles for rent in the state of New York! We have rounded out our fleet to include a little something for nearly every occasion imaginable. A constant factor throughout our fleet is that each and every vehicle is lovingly maintained, kept impeccably clean, and packed with as many features as we could possibly include for the enjoyment of your group. So, what are you waiting for? Explore what is known as the most impressive fleet of luxury vehicles in our great state of New York!

Our Party Buses

For our party buses and vans, we have done our best to ensure that even the biggest celebrations in the state can enjoy the same space! Our buses all include the finest luxury known to our minds at this time. When renting a bus from us you'll enjoy luxurious leather, elegant flooring, colorful mood lighting, audiophile grade stereo systems, incredible video capability, adapters for MP3/iPod/Mobile Phones, bar areas, window tinting, dancing poles (in some choices) and so much more.

60 Passenger Party Bus

Enjoy your big day with up to 59 friends, family, or colleagues. This beautifully equipped bus stands ready to serve up some serious fun, leaving no one behind! It's one of the biggest (if not the biggest) buses in the state, so you can imagine this one gets reserved early and often.

45 Passenger Party Bus

This 45 passenger bus is a great step down from our biggest. However, the only differences aside from size, is that the style is a bit different. You'll find that this bus is equipped with the same excellence that our flagship bus is, it's simply a little bit smaller.

12 Passenger Mercedes Party Van

Who says that big parties are the ones who get to have all the fun? Not us! For those of you who like to travel with smaller groups of people, you can still enjoy the full luxury we have to offer in our beautiful Mercedes Sprinter "party van"!

Our Luxury Limousines

Our limousines are much the same as our buses. We've spared no detail in assembling our fleet of stretch Cadillacs, Lincolns, and Hummers! When renting one of these beautiful vehicles, you will enjoy the finest leather seating, color changing mood lighting, high quality audio & video, wet bars, top quality flooring, and the finest chauffeur on the planet!

20 Passenger Cadillac Stretch Limo

Pure, modern, American Luxury with a fully custom interior designed to literally knock your socks off! Pulling up in our Cadillac Escalade super stretch limousine will be an impressive affair. But, we'll be honest... You're not going to want to leave the comfort of the interior once you settle in.

18 Passenger Hummer H2 Limo

Our Hummer H2 stretch limo is also an incredible option for any special day. Just a bit lighter in the passenger department, this limousine has a bit different vibe on the interior. A little less flashy, a bit more stately perhaps. But, still includes every nicety that you could possibly imagine!

10 Passenger Lincoln MKT Limo

Again, we don't want anyone left out. So, we've included this smaller, more intimate option in our fleet of stretch limousines. This lovely Lincoln MKT is a perfect choice for grabbing up to 10 people and hitting the streets in unbelievable style and elegant comfort!

Our Classic Chauffeur Service

Sometimes, you will find that you'd still like to enjoy the chauffeur experience but, would prefer something a little more intimate, timeless, and classic. For those of you who are into the luxury of a bygone era, we have a few choices with which you can scratch that itch. Read on below to find out more!

4 Passenger Madam Bridle

The perfect fusion of old and new can be found in our Madam Bridle roadster styled classic car! You'll find that this two tone beauty is a great choice for getting a few of your closest friends or relatives around in complete comfort and eye-turning style!

3 Passenger Rolls Royce

There's nothing in the automotive world that screams luxury, quite like a Rolls Royce. That's why we have one ready for you to enjoy for your special day! Fully original and ready to serve for whatever big celebration you have in store.

3 Passenger 1939 Cadillac Sedan

As the old saying goes... They don't make them like this anymore! How true. When we found this beautiful 1939 Cadillac, we simply had to have it. So, here it is! Iconic American luxury, ready to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to anyone who graces the unique elegant seat!

Our Modern SUV & Sedan Chauffeur Service

SUV and Sedan service is a very popular choice for the business folks out there. We are often enlisted to provide airport pickup and drop off, along with corporate event transportation, for those occasions when you have to entertain clientele from out of town, and happenstance similar to these. You'll enjoy the full brunt of modern luxury, regardless of your choice of vehicle. We keep these vehicles perfectly maintained and impeccably clean. We have tailored our service to be both efficient and ultra-friendly!

6 Passenger SUV Service

We have a solid selection of modern and luxurious SUV's to serve you for your luxury transportation needs. And, have developed a modern system to help navigate to your destination on time.

3 Passenger Sedan Service

Don't think for a moment that just because you have only 1 or 2 coming along with you, that we don't have you covered. We do! Enjoy our modern luxury sedans with the same unbelievably professional chauffeurs ready to serve your transportation needs.

Our Charter & Shuttle Service

In furthering our mantra of having every travel situation considered, we also have some charter and shuttle services for your enjoyment! Whether you're going across the country or, simply need shuttle service from your wedding reception to the hotel... These options are the perfect choice for you! Our charter service is modern, up to date, comfortable, and convenient.

55 Passenger Charter Bus

Get up to 55 passengers comfortably to any destination in the United States with our charter bus option. You'll find a modern interior with comfortable captain chair style seating, an up to date audio system with public address (great for tours), and climate control that stands ready for any New York season.

14 Passenger Shuttle Service

While our shuttle service can also be used for a cross country charter, more commonly these useful vans are utilized for local shuttle service. Not limited to but, most often, wedding day shuttle services.